Reviews of Explosion at Orly

"A century after the Civil War, Atlanta suffered another terrible blow.  AS before, the city rose from the ashes of disaster.  Ann Abrams' new book tells the story of the 1962 Orly crash, a cataclysmic event that became a 'ground zero' for Atlanta's cultural rebirth."   Michael Shapiro, Director, High Museum of Art

"I bought a copy of your book in the Symphony Shop last Thursday evening before the ASO concert.  I began reading it during the second half of the concert and couldn't put it down until I finished reading on Friday afternoon (except to drive home, of course).  It is so meticulously researched and so beautifully written, and, even after fifty years, parts of it are so hard to read for someone who vividly remembers the reported events of June 3, 1962."  Peter Stelling